Goal  $4,500

​Total Raised $700.00

Feed a Hero

This year we are going to raise a cow or two for a yet to be chosen Veterans shelter. David French as graciously donated one calf to us at this time and we are in need of getting out fencing, food, and water station set up. Brandon Nutt Construction has already donated a complete run of fencing with a 16 foot wide gate. Early estimates to finish everything off and have it ready for delivery is around $1,800. The Feed a water and processing will be a monthly expense. Every pound of meat raised off this calf and animals designated will go 100% to the Veterans Shelter that is chosen. This is your chance to be a part of something bigger than you. A chance for you to put food in the stomach of our veterans who are in need. This will be an ongoing fund drive that will cover feed, veterinarian needs, water, processing and shipping to the shelter chosen. Show your love and support of our nations heroes! #Feedourheroes

We have calculated the final estimates for the fencing that takes us to $4,500 for all the parts. Labor will be donated by us and local veterans. We have also found a Veterans Homeless Shelter and Charity in Knoxville, TN that we are in negotiations with to make them our recipient for all the meat from a cow and a hog grown and processed for them to use to feed homeless veterans. 


Christy Nelson $50

​Chris Wood $100

​Bryan Ansley $100

​Dale Alden $50

Sandy Baum $50

​Ginny Brown $25

​James Salter $50

Lora Bishop $100

Dina McKenna $75

​JT Cooper $100